Carbohydrates for Endurance Athletes

It is well established that carbohydrate and fat act as the primary sources of fuel during endurance exercise depending on the intensity and duration. However, while fat stores in the body are abundant, carbohydrate stores are limited. In fact, it is suggested that stored carbohydrates can only provide energy for ~3h of endurance exercise. As a result, this becomes a limiting factor submaximal endurance performance. Hence, fatigue during endurance exercise is usually associated with depletion of blood glucose and stored muscle glycogen.

Rest and Recovery – Are they chalk and cheese?

Muscles are torn on the tracks, fed in the kitchen and built in bed!

That’s how vital rest is for fitness!

Ironical? Hear this out…

Rest and recovery is also an important aspect of any exercise program because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts.

In order to understand how to recover properly, the definition must be recognized and the difference between rest and recovery established.