OMR Dreamers

The Helios is about to make a grand entry in his Chariot. He is going to cast his glorious shine on the hustle and bustle of OMR and its IT Corridor. The horns are about to blaze and the telecom networks are about to jam. Thousands of OMRians and ECRians, who went to sleep taking their previous days dreams to bed with them are about to repeat the cycle. And yet, more than a handful of those, are about to transform those dreams into reality.

Welcome to “OMR Dreamers”. A quickly growing family of running enthusiasts who chart a miracle day in and day out. A miracle to lace up, step out and start afresh almost everyday, rain or shine. The courage to transcend is a “Dream” that we at OMR Dreamers “Live”. A chapter of Dream Runners since DRHM 2015, our team has grown in size and strength, spreading our tentacles on the width and breadth of OMR and ECR.

Our workouts are designed and delivered by NIS Certified Coaches and Yoga experts. Strength training, Circuit Training, Cross training, Plyometrics, Yogasanas to name a few. Our coaches also help with personal attention to running form, endurance etc. Our group of mentors guide you towards your fitness goals whether it is fitness or competitive targets. Our mentors have the experience of 100K + Ultras, Iron Mans, trail running and many other trail blazing achievements.

A female coach who has won medals for India in South Asian Games, Junior Asian games etc. and has been a professional athlete for 13+ years is also part of our coaching team.

We typically train with the coach two days in a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and more often than not an additional third day (Thursday). We run in groups along the scenic ECR highway or in the local neighbourhood on other days. For cross training we mostly do biking along ECR or trail routes around Thiruporur, while some also swim locally. And it is not a surprise when some of us end up in Pondicherry ? in our bikes.

Some sessions are stars and some are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them (Chrissie Wellington). Yet, we continue running day after day simply because it is rejuvenating. You can either “Throw in the Towel” or wipe the sweat off of your face. Make the right choice.

Connect with us on social media, we are looking forward to meeting you soon …


Meeting Location :-

Near Ajwa cool cafe , Sholinganallur

Google Map Location

Training Coordinators :-

Durga – 97890 39580
Kanthavel – 98849 07008
Suresh N – 89399 38860

Areas covered :-

Sholinganallur, Bolineni, Thoraipakkam, Navalur, Perumbakkam, Kelambakkam, Uthandi, Injambakkam