Terms & Conditions (Virtual run)

Time window for the run

  • The virtual run may be completed anytime between the provided window of time e. from 16-July-2023 -12.01 AM IST upto to 23-July-2023 11:59 PM IST
  • It can be run at any location of your choosing.
  • However, it may be clearly noted that the runner will not be allowed to run at the venue and route of the live event, during the time window of the live event i.e, between 4 AM and 9 AM on 16-July-23
  • Unlike the live event, the runner may choose to attempt their run multiple times; However, they can only upload one activity as part of their submission.

Recording of the run

  • Any of the tracking apps such as Strava, Garmin, Runtastic, Runkeeper, Map my Run, etc. can be used to record the run.
  • A GPS Watch can be even better. Track the run with the watch and share the data on any platform that is used.
  • If the runner has none of the above and is just noting the time using the watch, that is fine too, we have an option to manually add the timing.
  • Only elapsed time will be considered for the finish time stamp.

Upload your run activity

After recording, please do not forget to upload the activity, screenshot & finisher’s photo in the link below, to get the finisher’s certificate.

Link for submitting your run activity will be emailed to you within 24 hours of registering for the event. 

The result link will be active from 16-July-2023 to 25-July-2023.

Validity of run and verification

The verified finisher will only be considered eligible for the medal, subject to the following conditions being met.

  • The full distance of the chosen category needs to be run continuously in one attempt.

Awarding of Finishers Medal and Race Kit

Your race kit will be dispatched within a period of 30 days after submission of your run timing.