MRC Dreamers


Chennai is a blessed city with its beautiful coastline and the blue, blue sea. Absolutely blessed are those who get to spend major parts of their life alongside this blue beauty, more blessed are those who have great company every day to make their dreams of a healthy and happy life come true..

Yes. We are the Motivated, Rocking, Charming Dreamers … the MRCDreamers..

What started as a small chapter with few enthusiastic runners is now a 2-year-old healthy baby. Growing happily with additions to the family practically every other day. So much so we now have a second batch of enthusiasts adding to the fun from 6 am to 7am. The uniqueness about MRCDreamers is the woman-power: women make up over 70% of the chapter, a fact that we are very proud of.

When ladies lead it always produces results they say.. meet the mentors who matter,Our chapter head past and present, the Kool kool Kiran (Kiran Gupta) and Recharged Radha (Radha Sridhar).

The Motivator General is Partha Da (Parth Ata) who is in charge of the training sessions, motivation manthra is ‘very easy, very easy’ it actually becomes easy. Partha Da manages to run with the fastest as well as the slowest of runners – motivating everyone to do his/her best. Women are the best when entrusted with matters of money proves Usha Ramesh who runs the finances of the chapter in a quiet and efficient manner. Srikanth has been the link between the executive teams from year to year. He has his own unique motivation technique – once he starts his stories, people run for their lives!

Our coach workout sessions are much looked forward with our master Mesmer mesmerizing us into doing stuff we only dreamt of before this. His sweet but strict ways are tricks to learn in itself.

There are alternative activity days which are much more looked forward to thanks to our beach sessions, IIT MADRAS visit sessions, tree walk sessions, discover the neighbourhood sessions, say hi to the parent chapter Bessie Beach sessions and so on. Not to forget the suda suda coffee and idli sessions sponsored by the star achievers of the week, stars here or at their work place, all that matters is the tasty treat.

If you happen to pass by MRC Nagar any day do drop by to say hi… its easy to identify us , you will hear a lot of jabbering in multiple dialects, Tamil, Hindi, Bohri, Bengali, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Konkani, Marwari, Telugu, Kannada and English.. You name it we speak it,. We have them in all shapes and sizes, and age groups, with one common quality, willingness to be a proud DreamRunner…

If you are lucky you could possibly get to taste some Bengali Nolan Gud Sandesh or Rosagulla, Dilli ke mithai, yellu bella[sesame and jaggery] for sankranthi, play holi and taste some gujias, variety of offerings for Diwali and other festivals. Of course our get togethers, whether it is to celebrate achievers or just an excuse to meet , offer laughter therapy for free with sumptuous food as well. Sometimes the chaat n chat parties, gol gappa evenings, lucky pot luck parties with antakshari, dumb charades, musical chairs, singing, dancing, giggling and enjoying give the much needed recharge for the days ahead. Not to forget the historic temple trips and the rejuvenating local temple festival visits for the much-needed blessings.

All the motivation and bonding has produced some great results. Our runners have done us proud at every event, our girls were the show stoppers at the DRHM inaugural plank event.. Our hallmark grey and pink has been colouring all events in good numbers.. hoping to paint the town with much more of it in the years to come..

Meeting Location :-

Corporation park near Ficus grove

Google Map Location


Kiran Sharma – 98840 21531

Areas covered :-

MRC, RA Puram, Greenways Road, Mandaiveli, Karapgam Avenue, Santhome, Adyar,