Marina Dreamers

Rest but never quit. Even the sun has a sinking spell each evening. But it always rises the next morning. At sunrise, every soul is born again-These verses of the greatest boxer that mankind has seen resonates across the sandy shores of Marina day in and day out. We see it all, as the initial rays of sunlight touches the Chennai shores with a massive explosion of colours across the horizon, birds singing to the tune of Mother nature as we fitness freaks sweat it out. On one side, you have the sea running with you, and on the other, the rich heritage of Madras. And the fresh breeze, it’s a luxury money can’t buy.

Welcome to “Marina Dreamers”, the chapter offshoot of Dream runners since August 2016, where “our family” as we would like to call it hit the sandy shores & well-lit pavements of Marina beach where fitness is a religion by itself. The passion for fitness and running has helped us to come together as a vibrant group, where laughter & frequent panting, talks on fitness essentials & camaraderie dominate the training sessions.

Runs fuel us with aerobic schedules, Tempo runs and Interval sessions. The icing on the cake are the Yoga and stretch sessions to give a perfect balance& comfort to the workout schedules. And just when you thought that fitness is not only about runs, we have our cross- training& cycling sessions once a week. What’s more mesmerizing are those fun and post workout discussions over a cup of coffee overseeing the morning sun smiling at us across the beach.

Our workouts are designed and delivered by NIS Certified Coaches and celebrity trainers whose personal attention to running form, endurance, stamina build up etc guide you towards your fitness goals whether it is fitness or competitive targets. Our mentors and veteran runners within the group have the experience of Ultra marathons, many famed outstation Half and Full marathons, High altitude running& trek experience at pristine regions of the Himalayas and many other trail blazing achievements.

And it all happens at Marina beach, possibly the most ideal location for fitness training in the city. The meeting point is Gandhi statue (opp. Marina Grounds) at exactly 5 am twice a week. Dreams turn to reality here with each milestone achievement.

Meeting Location :–

Back side of Light house near Kamarajar statue.

Google Map Location

Training Coordinators :-

Tasneem Gandhi – 9841005123
Email [email protected]

Areas covered :-

Santhome , Mylapore, Royepetha , Parrys , Royapuram.