Being a part of a training group- Helps!!!!

“I’ve made deep, lasting friendships that have become like family. The coaching, and the group support helped me accomplish something I had only dreamt of doing in the past….”

“Sunday long runs are one of my favourite times of the week. I get to run with amazing people and continue my training all at the same time. I’ve now completed few marathons and more than a dozen 13 milers ….”

“We could devour one of the healthiest & yummiest cakes on her birthday, and am sure rakhee shall remember that cake cutting for a long time. Let’s catch hold of that recipe over coffee post training next time….”

Any of these sound similar? Well, it reflects the inner voices and the loud echo across the fitness circles that you, me and all of us hear as we pump those muscular engines at full throttle during our morning fitness routines. It’s no secret that running is an incredibly popular way to exercise, whether you go for a morning run, after work, or in the evening. In fact, tens of millions of people do it each year. From light jogs around town to die-hard marathon runners and everyone in between, there seems to be a type of running that satisfies everyone’s needs. We truly enjoy the camaraderie, team spirit and intense coaching which is definitely worth the price and has a return that one is not able to sum up in a few currencies but in happiness. 

Running is often thought of as a solo sport, but you’re missing out if you always hit the roads by yourself. Group running can enhance your athletic experience as the journey to the finish line is a collective collaboration of your daily efforts, the friendships you garner, peer support and knowledge sharing.

Being a part of a training group- Helps!!!!!

Dream runners has been in the forefront of group training with 10 active chapters across the city, yet so close to their cause of providing prosthetic legs for the under-privileged and financial aid to schools in need. The vibrancy and sheer enthusiasm of these groups have produced some amazing runners in any format of the sport- blazing across the 26 & 13 milers, conquering nature in its pristine formats through ultramarathons and hill runs, cross fitness and other initiatives and podium finishes where age is just a play of numbers.

Group Running Benefits: –

It doesn’t matter which kind of running group you choose. You can expect to enjoy a wide range of benefits from the experience of running with others who share your love of the sport.

Safer Workouts

It’s obviously much safer to run in pairs or with a group. It’s tough to get lost if you’re with a group and, even if you do take a wrong turn, you have each other to figure out how to find your way. When running with a group, you’re more mindful which means potential attackers/hazards are also more likely to strike a lone runner than they are a group.

Creative Stimulation

Some people prefer to run alone so they can sort out their thoughts and do some brainstorming. But running in a group may actually get your creative juices flowing even more than running solo because you’re able to bounce ideas off other people and ask them for feedback on a project or problem you’re working out.

Increased Motivation

With group running, you get your own personal cheering squad. Members of running clubs and teams root each other on during races and support one another through long runs. Where the mind just gives up before your body does, the super saviour running partner can give you a pep talk when you need it the most to boost up your muscular engines and charge your neuro responses.

Commitment & accountability

You’ll also be more motivated to stick to your training because you and your running partners will hold each other accountable. It’s harder to blow off a workout when you know that your teammates are expecting you to show up. So, here comes the hard truth- the next time you hit that snooze button again, there’s somebody whom you owe a valid explanation, so its better late than never.

Improved Performance

Let’s face it: everyone thrives on a little healthy competition. When you’re running with others who are encouraging you to run faster and harder, it’s easier to take it to the next level. When running alone you may be tempted to cut your workout short, but trying to keep up with running buddies encourages you to do that extra hill repeat.

Career Benefits

While some deals are sealed on the golf course, plenty of important business conversations have also taken place between runners on the road. Also, meeting new people through running is also a great way to expand your professional circles and potentially find a new job, make new contacts, or learn about other business opportunities.

Reduced Boredom

It’s tough to get bored when you’re running with others. You’re also more likely to explore new running routes when running with a group, which will definitely make your runs more interesting. And those chats over coffee and tea time, that’s priceless.

Sense of Community

Running with a group gives you an incredible sense of community. Whether you’re racing together, volunteering at a race, or cheering on your teammates, it’s fun and rewarding to be connected with like-minded people and be part of something that’s bigger than you. Runners can really relate to each other and are supportive of one another through running (non-running) problems and triumphs.

Expanded Social Circle

Anyone who has run with a group knows that it’s a great opportunity to get to know people with similar interests. Many people have met their spouse, significant other, or close friends through a running group or club. Some runners end up traveling to destination races with friends they’ve met in running clubs and chapters.

Ultimately, being a part of a training group- Helps!!!!!

Krishnakumar, Dream runners (Marina chapter)

A thorough banker and a high altitude runner – now heading a division for a leading fintech company in India. Member of Marina Dreamers

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