• Some Gyan on Pacing ...

    Why does Dream Runners Half Marathon put together a pacing team? Every major quality running event has a team of pacers running in various time slots. This is done so that runners can keep aside all the headaches of pacing and run along with the pacer knowing fully well that they will reach on time and with certainty. It helps to think of the pacer as a on-course concierge.

    What is the background of the Pacers? 

    The pacers are chosen to be able to run the distance well within the target pace time. If they were racing and not pacing then they would be atleast 10-15 minutes faster than their pace times. Thus they have considerable spare capacity so that they can run the distance slower, with a smile and cheer you along. All of them are very accomplished runners. 

    What’s in it for the Pacers?

    Pacers register just like you and spend their own money for taking part in the event. And yet they have decided to forego their own race in order to pace slower runners. Believe it or not, Pacers do this (as they do in every race around the world) without any expectation of monetary reward. They do this only for the satisfaction of giving others the thrill of the Personal bests.

    Oh Wow!!! did not know that. Ok, as a runner what do I have to bear in mind?

    – Decide your optimum race pace. – Interact with him / her on the Facebook group. – Meet with your pacer in the pacer meeting area before the race and identify yourself. Let him know that you are going to be part of this team. – Run a few meters ahead or behind him. Avoid running abreast since this might block other runners who want to go faster. – Keep in his pace. If you think he is running too slow in the beginning, remember he knows what he is doing. He has a well designed pacing plan and is geared to the task better than you are. – At water stations hand out water to other runners so that there is no bunching / tripping. – Feel free to talk to the pacer and pick up tips. Make light conversation. It helps lighten the air. – If his plan includes walk break, then take walk breaks. Remember he knows what he is doing. – If you feel fatigued and want to slow down, do not expect the pacer to slow down for you. Similarly if you have cramps, pains etc do not expect him to tend to your needs. You have to finish the run on your own legs.

    Great .. I had a swell run and the pacer really helped me get my target time. Now what?

    Express your gratitude to the Pacer. That is his only reward for having taken the time, incurred the expenditure and forgone his own race. We know you will not begrudge him that small return favour.

    Have a fantastic run!

    Team Dream Runners

  • 10 K Pacers
    • Praveen Raja : 55 Minutes Pacer


      Praveen’s first ever run was in Jan 2016, TWCM where he clocked 66 min 10k without any prior running. In one month, he cracked the sub 1hr for 10k with a 57:10 in first edition of Marina Runners 10k. He joined the Dream Runners free training program in March’16 in a bid to become a better athlete. His passion for running and his ability to spend long hours under the sun, was spotted early by the DR core training team who guided and channeled his energy in right areas. Within a span of 8 months he cracked out a 10k in 42.44 (PB) in the Teenduruns10k event. He also has 4 Half Marathons under is belt with a PB of 1:43. He is currently training for his first full which he hopes to accomplish this year.

      Praveen also has varied set of hobbies which include, Writing, Driving, Music, Singing, apart from playing Badminton and Cricket. Reach Praveen at  praveenready@gmail.com

    • Sridhar Rajamohan : 55 Minutes Pacer

      Completed as many Half Marathons successfully as there are miles in a Marathon, since my first one in Feb 2012, despite being a Type-1 Diabetic from childhood. Work your odds in your favour! Let me help you complete the DRHM 2017 10k in 55 minutes! If I can do it, you can too! You can reach him at sridharrajamohan@gmail.com

    • Seranthiah : 60 Minutes Pacer

      “WHO IS A WINNER” – One who believes himself ; identifies his potential & perform better than before is a Winner.

      Myself Seranthaiah, Aged:47, who was 84kg in 2014. I decided to reduce weight & with proper nutrition brought to 62kg in 4months. Then took running just for fitness. Beginning was tough to do 10km @ 01hr 15min. But the passion for running & motivation from Dream Runner and Boat club Dreamer group made me to achieve more & I have done 10km (45min) ; HM (1hr 35min) ; FM (Sub 4 hr) ; Trian run 50km (6hr) ; Triathalon – Olympic (Sub 4 hr), and the love for run have never lost in me. 

      Today i am happy & pleasure to be a pacer for DRHM & make more winners in you.

      Thank you,



    • Viswanathan Balakrishnan : 60 Minutes Pacer

      “I am a banker turned IT professional who never excelled in any sports in school  or college days and thought it’s not my cup of tea. I wanted to prove myself wrong and started running in October 2014. Panting for breath for a 2km run in the initial few days to becoming a full marathoner and then a triathlete has been a phenomenal and joyful journey. Morning runs still excite me a lot and sprinting through the last 100 metres helps in reaching runner’s high and gives absolute satisfaction”

      PB in 10km – 58Minutes. You can reach him at  vish.balakrishnan@gmail.com

    • PG Raghuraman : 75 Minutes Pacer

      Mr. P.G.Raghuraman – PGR or Raghu for short – was basically a sports enthusiast playing Cricket and Chess until he found the spirit of running in 2013 in his mid forties! And he took to it as fish takes to water – running many half marathons in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Pondicherry. He has run over 100+, 10K runs. His best timing in 10K has been 1:02 and 2:28 in Half-marathon.

      Raghu runs for Charity and helps build awareness among runners and supporters to build the culture of running for a cause. Raghu will be pacing the 10K run for the second time at DRHM 2017. His words to every startup runner is “Run for Fun! It is free, energizing and highly satisfying. Welcome to the club – Join my Bus and we WILL finish in time and Finish Strong”. You can reach him at raghujay@gmail.com

    • Shivaprakash Srinivasan : 75 Minutes Pacer

       Dr Shivaprakash Srinivasan is a Psychiatrist by day and an enthusiastic runner / cyclist by dawn. He believes strongly in striking the right balance between maintaining a healthy Mind and Body. He has done several 10k’s and 21k’s. He is well known for his humorous sermons during his runs, especially revolving around Ramayana. Join him to finish strong with 1.15 on your 10k. You can reach him at drsshivaprakash@gmail.com

    • Bharadwaj PV : 90 Minutes Pacer

      Long time runner with OMR Dreamers, love trails to roads any day, Photographer and nature lover, Startup guy. Join me for a steady finish of 1.30 for your 10k, will make it enjoyable! Join the 10k@1.30 Whatsapp Group here https://chat.whatsapp.com/6NncTJzjRHC0kfvwB6hFOj

    • ⁠⁠⁠Jhayashri Raghuraman : 90 Minutes Pacer

      Mrs Jhayashri Raghuraman, a classical Bharatanatyam dancer, Special Educator Mother of two sons is also a keen runner and fitness enthusiast. She embodies the spirit of starting to run at any age, as she connected to running in her early forties and now enjoys running half marathons and 10K races.

      She has run in Chennai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore and Bangalore. She runs for the fun and camaraderie that accompanies running and the preparations for running, more than targeting specific timings; despite that her best timing was in Bangalore Marathon on October 2016 of 2:29 for the half marathon. She was placed as Runner-Up in the Cool Runners Half Marathon Event in Feb 2015 in the Veteran Female 10K category with a personal best of 1:04. She will be pacing for the second time in DRHM 2017. Join the 10k@1.30 Whatsapp Group here  https://chat.whatsapp.com/6NncTJzjRHC0kfvwB6hFOj

  • 21 K Pacers
    • Shri Krishnan : 01:50 Pacer

      The ‘Will to WIN is nothing without the ‘Will to prepare’

      This is what describes Shri Krishnan the best. Back in 2014, who would have the thought that a 92 kg boy will go on to finish a Full Marathon in #TWCM16 in 3hr 43 mins. In his journey of 2.5 years, obstacles and failures weren’t to stop him, rather evolved Shri Krishnan to be a learned runner. This avid pacer stands tall inspiring the fellow beings to run. He advocates and exercises of reaching the finish line with same energy as how u start it, inculcating the preparedness for a race.The zeal of this athlete to conquer heights makes him to  be an aspiring triathlete. To add further to his accolades, he completed his Half Marathon in #MRM17 in  01 hr 36 mins. His routine also enjoys Cycling and Running in Hills . Running along with this pacer is a experience by itself, join with him at 21k finish in Sub 01:49:59 Bus.

      ‘The Success is not in reaching the destination,but the Journey to achieve it’ You can reach him at shrikrishnanp@gmail.com

    • Murali Rangarajan : 01:50 Pacer

      Murali Rangarajan was totally new to running and started his running at mid 2013 he could hardly think of running a few kilometres before. Something inside him triggered him to overcome his mental blocks, wake up early in the morning and start running. Soon he was in the company of other like-minded sports men and women. He completed his first 10 x 10 in 2013 with CTC and since then life began to change for him.

      At the age of 39, he completed his first full Marathon in sub 4 hours! And within three years he has completed more than 10 Half Marathons, 7 Full Marathons and a Half Iron Triathlon, which includes 1.9Km swim, 90Km Cycle and 21Km run, under international cut-off time of 8 hours. He has also successfully completed 10 x 21, a ten Half Marathon in 10 continuous days.

      Murali is core member of Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) and an active member of Vibrant Velachery – CR chapter. Apart from running Murali has also co-organising running events such Chennai Triathlon, Chennai Trial Marathon, Jawadhu Hills Ultra and non-running events such as Chennai Costal Cleanup.

      Some of his personal achievements in running are:

      Full Marathon The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2014 – 3:57 hrs, Auroville Marathon 2015 – 3:50 hrs, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2015 – 4:08 hrs

      Half Marathon, Coimbatore Half Marathon 2016 – 1:43 hrs, Marina Runnerz Half Marathon 2017 – 1:42 hrs

      10K Run : The Chennai 10K 2016 – 42.54 mins

      5K Run : The Chennai Express 5K 2016 – 20:39 mins

      Murali will be bringing in lot of energy and enthusiasm for runners who are targeting a sub 1:50 hrs finish for half marathon. Meet him and tag along with him for a strong 1:50 hrs finish. You can reach him at arunaimurali@gmail.com

    • Silambarasan : 02:00 Pacer

      Silambarasan (a) Simbu is one of the key member of Cool Runners Group. An Entrepreneur who started running in 2013. A natural athlete reluctantly registered for CTC 2013 event and covered the maiden full Marathon distance in 4.28.

      A great motivator amongst the Cool Runners group and inspired the team members to raise the bar in terms of achieving their PB. His PB FM is TWCM January 2016 3.31 and ranked 8th in the overall category. His PB HM is 1.43 in DRHM 2015.

      His other running credentials are, a couple of Auroville Marathon, CTC 50K and recent 6 Hrs & 12 hrs Stadium Run organized by Nungambakkam Nitros. 2 Hrs Pacer in DRHM -2016 Event Completed with Net time of 1.59.54sec.

      This is his  4th year of association with his group as well as the running society. He just want to understand year on year what is that attracts him and delve into this intensive physical activity of long distance running? The answers he got is, in simple words, without explaining in detail, pleasure, enjoyment and a sense of camaraderie. Nothing more or nothing less to say. 

      I’m delighted to be part of the pacing team for 2nd time in DRHM Event. 

      I would be pacing for 2 Hr time window. It’s a Simple math, the overall pace to be maintained is 10.55 KPH to cover a distance of 21.1 Kms.

      Few tips I would like to share with the group is, break the distance in 3 parts to cover in 120 Minutes, 4K ( 27 Minutes ) 8K ( 45 Minutes) & 9K ( 48 Minutes) at an average pace of 9, 10.5 & 11 KPH. 

      I would advise you to carry a 1/2 liter water or energy drink whichever suits you. Kindly cover the first 12K in 70 Minutes without any stopping at the fuel station. Just take a minute break to refill and complete the last 9K in one go for your dream to come true of 2Hr HM.

      Practice speed run during your workout at a pace of 12KPH for a distance of 3 to 4 Kms. Do this for 8 to 10 sessions for your body to get prepared for the race Day onslaught. Wishing you all the very best. You can reach me at simbu142@gmail.com

    • Ranjini Gupta : 02:00 Pacer

      I’m Ranjini. I’ve been into long distance running for 5 years now. I started this journey in Chennai in 2012 with the Dream runners and it has indeed been a dream run so far. I currently reside in Bangalore and train with the PaceMakers running group. 

      My personal best timings so far have been: 

      10k – 47:26 (Nov 2016) , 21.1k – 1:43:36 (Sept 2016) , 42.2k – 3:28:58 (Sept 2016) 

      I will be pacing the 2 hour bus for the DRHM HM. Looking forward to be a part of the journey of many runners who intend to complete the race in this time zone. You can reach Ranjini at ranjini_g@hotmail.com

    • Mukesh Ayyappan : 02:15 Pacer

      Mukesh started his running in the year 2014 after registering for TWCM 10K. An Engineer by profession, he was not into any sports before and the running bug bit him hard after the event. He soon graduated to Half marathons and Marathons. Till now he has finished 2 Marathons, 20 Half Marathons and a Half Iron Triathlon.

      His personal Best  time in Half Marathon is 1:46 hrs in Mepz Run 2017. He is one of the founder members of the team – Chennai Runners Mogappair Fitness Circle (CR-MFC). He strongly believes in systematic training and he trains with MFC team regularly. He  runs 3 days a week and strength train/ Cycle on alternate days. You can reach him at mukesh.ayyappan@gmail.com

    • Raju : 02:15 Pacer

      Hi, I am Raju working as a Marketing Manager in a leading Auto Component Manufacturing company. From my Childhood to Collage days I have never been participated in any of the sports. Because of my sedentary work life thought of doing physical exercise regularly.

      Then I have started running from Dec 2013 – TWCM where I clocked 56:09 mins in 10 KM category without any prior training. Also ran my first Half Marathon Dawn to Dusk Marathon – 2014 (02:09:44) and then Cool Runners Half Marathon 2014 (02:02:40) After knowing about the free training program of Dream Runners, I have joined Dream Runners Marina Chapter in 2014 and got trained for 3 months and ran DHRM 2014. From 2013, so far ran 13 Half Marathons with the PB timing of 01:53:49 in TWCM 2016 and in 10 KM my PB was 49:27 mins in Cool runners Half Marathon 2016.’ Joined Annanagar Dreamers group in 2016, training for weekly 3 days.Also completed 10 X 10 challenge in Oct’2016 and being an active member in the group. My Half Marathons includes TWCM 2014 (02:01:.49),TWCM 2015 (02:11:49), DRHM 2015 (02:15:22),DRHM 2016 (02:14:11),CTM 2015 (02:34:18) CTM 2016 (02:07:00),CRHM 2015 (02:05:33),Marina Runnerz Marathon 2016 (92:15:30) and Auroville Marathon 2017 (01:58:00). Currently doing 100 days of Running Challenge and completed 75th day on 12thJul17 with the total distance of 330 Kms and aiming for 500 Kms total distance by 100 days. Looking forward to my first time pacing for DRHM 2017 for 2 hours 15 mins timing.  You can reach me at mrajumuthukumar@gmail.com

    • Deepa Subramanian : 02:30 Pacer

      From celebrating 2016 as the year of maiden runs –  10k at DRHM, 21.1 at CTM and 42.2 at TWCM, to training for my maiden hill ultra this year, in the course of group and solo runs over trails and roads, from pushing hard, being tamed by injuries to getting back stronger, my journey as a runner is littered with varied and amazing memories. 

      The one constant through it all is the quest for adventure and possibilities.

      Join my bus for a memorable ride and, of course, to arrive at the finish line on time! REACH ME AT deepa0706@yahoo.com

    • Santhosh Everest : 02:30 Pacer


      150 MINUTE OF PURE BLISS , that’s what you get if you hop on to Salem Santy’s Bus.

      Santosh Everest, popularly known as SALEM Santy is a bundle of energy which you will experience even before you start the run. Santy as his moniker indicates is from small town Salem but a big hearted guy.

      Profession: Graphic Designer;  Passion : Running 

      A shy and skinny kid, ran his first 10k in his hometown Salem in 2013 and within 2 years he was up to speed for the Half Marathon, doing it in style in under 2:30 .

      A part of the breed of the dynamic Marina Minnals, Santy has been going from strength to strength , conquering longer distances whether its 25k Javadhu Hills Run, or the energy sapping  52K Val Vil Ori run.

      Making the seemingly impossible, easy peasy.

      His enthusiasm has been recognized by the running community  and he debuted as a Pacer of DRHM-16 , piloting the 2:40 Bus smoothly.

      He followed it up by leading the 2:30 Bus at the Marina Runnerz Marathon 2017.

      His best however is 2:00 and is aiming for a sub 2, next time around.

      Weekends with his mentor Peter of CTC, Santy enjoys running various trails.

      So if you are in a mood to feel the run, Santy is the best man around.

      Hop on to the 2:30 Bus for the ride of your lifetime.

      BREAKING NEWS :      Santy has achieved the IMPOSSIBLE !!!

      In the NITROS EVENT on 9th July, he outdid himself when he completed successfully the grueling 12 HOUR RUN which meant nearly 70 kms of Non Stop Running.

      Top That. REACH HIM AT sachinmarathon@outlook.com

    • Palanivel Kumar : 02:45 Pacer

      “If you are losing faith in Human Nature, go out and watch a Marathon”

      Why Run

      Like anyone else I began running in 2013, as a mean to stay fit. And now in 2017, it has become my passion and every day early morning standard.

      I got introduced & trained by various chapters of Dream runners (Bessie Dreamers, Run T Nagar Run) which groomed me in a structured way by training me for core strength, stamina & flexibility.

      It impacted me positively in all walks of life with tangible outcomes. I could empathize with those who were feeling the same. I am finally able to help those who turned to me for my support in inculcating the running behavior within them. In turn, I have always learnt something new every day.   At the end of day, we all are one big “Family”!!

      Running Credentials

      • 10K – 58 Min (PB)
      • HM – 2Hr :09 Min (PB)
      • FM – 5Hr :15 Min (PB)

       As a Pacer

      • HM – 2Hr :40 Min (DRHM – 2015 )
      • 10K- 1HR :10 Min (Bhumi Marathon – 2017)

      Besides running I also love music, photography & playing Badminton.

      It’s time now to drive the 2hr:45 Bus, Jump in to experience a wonderful fun filled run. Reach me at palanivelkumar@gmail.com

    • Rashmi Gupta : 02:45 Pacer

      Running started all of a sudden when she signed up online for DRHM ’14 10k, without knowing where it would lead her. Though always a sports person at School & College; the max she had run was 1500 mts.

      With less than 4 weeks of the training, she ran her first 10k marathon at DRHM 2015 at a creditable time of 1.05hrs. Running has become a passion ever since. Rashmi says “The ‘Me’ time & running buddies are best things about running apart from fitness. The fresh air and sunrise at Marina brings in the purpose and pleasure of running who is now into TRIATHLONs.

      A few injuries now & then gave her rest time as well. Regular visit to the gym, Cross training (Cycling & swimming) are an important part of her weekly schedule and helped her spring back from injuries, rejuvenated and stronger.

      She ran her First 21k – CTC Sept 2014 @ 2.47 hrs. After a lot of training with the running group – Marina Runnerz, she successfully completed The Wipro Chennai Marathon @ 2.23.26 hrs. Present PB being 2.05 hrs for HM. She also did the Full Marathon with a strong finish at TWCM 15, being the first woman from her running group to complete the 42.1 Km run with full honours.

      Many Half Marathons and 10k under her belt.  This was followed by a request to pace the 1:15 bus at DRHM 15 and she has been pacer in demand; TCS 2016   INTERNATIONAL level EVENT for 75 minutes 10k Bus n yet again a 21K PACER at DRHM 2016. Rashmi also played a vital role in co-ordinating the Core team at Marina Runnerz Marathon 2016 & Chennai Duathlon 2016 by Mongrels which was a resounding success. Organising and co-ordinating comes to her easily and one of the important reasons why you should join her bus at DRHM 2017! Her third time PACER experience with DRHM is excited to give her BUS a good time!!

      Run….It’s Fun!!!!!  Favourite quote:  Running is supposed to be hard, and that’s what makes it great.

      • Running& Cross Training Experiences – 2015 – 2017
      • Kolkata Marathon – 15k – 1.48hrs     
      • Pinkathon 21k – 5th Place (Among the 12 Women Participation) – 2.32 hrs
      • Chennai Duathlon 2015 – 1st Place in Open Women‘s Category (Organised by the Mongrels)
      • Wipro Chennai Marathon Jan 2016 – FM – 5.47.22 mins
      • Feb 2016 – June 2017 : BRM 200k & many 100kms cycling
      • TCS 2016 10k – 75 minutes
      • DRHM 2016 21k – 2.45 hrs

      CTC Swimathon 2017 – 5kms Swimming, CTC TRIATHLON 2016 – 3/4th Iron – 2nd place


    • Jai Shankar : 03:00 Pacer

      Tips to spot the pacer in a runner: (a) is sought out across the community; (b) arrives on time each time; (c) has a clear plan that covers every minute of the course; (d) can keep up with the fast as well as the slow; (e) seems more overjoyed at helping fellow runner achieve a target. Put all these together and attach a frequent-flier ID – you get Jaishankar. Since his humble beginning in DRHM 2015, Jai has gone just one direction in running – Forward. With Jai, a multiple Half-marathoner, be rest assured to hit your 180 minute HM goal without feeling stretched or stressed. Hop on and run with the breeze! Reach me at omjaisai@gmail.com

    • Govindarajan : 03:00 Pacer

      Running has transformed me in many ways….. has made me realize that there is untapped potential in everyone. When you start running all your doubts vanish and positivity emerges. Yes all these and much more has happened to me in the last 5 years after I took up running. My approach and belief – put in your best effort…. result ought to follow… and running is like happiness… it multiplies when you share with others. That is my motivation to do pacing… see people achieve their best and the smile on crossing the finish line… just priceless….. Are you ready to join the journey? See you on 23 July.

      By the way for the records My PB in HM 2h 10m and FM 5h 03m, you can reach me at krishnangovindarajan@gmail.com