Zainab Millwala Master

If running had a culinary analogy, Dream Runners has it’s ‘Master’ Chef. With a mix of basic ingredients like poise, grace, grit and determination, cooked just right with meticulous training and a healthy lifestyle, each of her runs is like a star dish of an exotic cuisine. Why are we talking food……? Cause we are talking of Zainab Millwala Master. An accomplished runner and an equally accomplished amateur chef……!

Petit in frame with a schoolgirl like charm, she is often mistaken for one….! She is in fact a mother of two lovely children, a seasoned Technology professional as well as homemaker par excellence.

She has run many half-marathon events and clocked her best at 2:20. She also completed successfully, her first attempt at the Full Marathon, with a timing of 5:42. She has been a mentor to the OMR and MRC Chapters of Dream Runners – many of whom have taken up running for the first time under her mentorship.

The compulsive coordinator with an uncanny eye for detail and drive for perfection, she is our GO TO person for getting things done for the various initiatives Dream Runners ventures into. She celebrates life with her philosophy of “Dream, Believe, Achieve.”