Uma Venkatraman

uma picWe wake up to the sound of the alarm

The roads are dark and the city very calm.

Slowly we assemble in a place

To be trained for an upcoming race.


Men and women, age no bar

As we train, everyone is a star

In-between workouts, we have lots of fun

Always motivation and encouragement, but, jealousy there is none.


Some days are on the hills,

Sometimes doing tougher drills.

And then comes the circuit training

Nothing stops us even if it is raining.


The runs in AU is a bit rough

We go through the regime as we are tough

Breaking and hydrating once in a while

And we walk back for more, in style.


The long run happens every Sunday

Reaching far off places starting at the Bay

For chilling, Saravana Coffee is our spot

Talks and teasing happens here a whole lot.


Building our clan towards a healthy life style

Finding hundreds of running friends in every mile

The medals and laurels the individuals win

Is a feather on the cap for everyone as a team.


Each and everyone here are considered Winners

And we are proud to say