Prashant Sankaran

He could, if he chose to, be the handsome hunk, with his looks and shade of razzmatazz and yet he is one of the most gentle, suave, mature and circumspect person you would come across. For anyone who meets him, an instant connect is natural, for, his genuineness is effervescent. These might read like tall praises but deservedly so, for that’s what he is.

In times, when being in-your-face and loud, seems a necessity to be seen, heard and be taken note of , he is calm , composed and  of pleasing personality easily liked by all. That in itself is a rarity in this era. He belongs to the blessed tribe for whom subtlety is a God given countenance.

While always being into sporting activity of some kind, he took up running seriously in 2007. He has run many half marathon events, the most recent of them being TWCM 2015 and SCMM 2016. He currently has a personal best of 2h:15m for the HM and 1h:00 for the 10K. He is now training to attempt his first full marathon, while targeting a 2h HM finish and sub 1h 10K finish

One of the early members of Dream Runners, he is passionate and dedicated to the team and has unconditionally contributed to what Dream Runners is today.

His silent and dedicated efforts in development of few chapters of Dream Runners is appreciated by all. He himself takes these accolades with the same measured smile as he would when he finishes his half marathon with a great timing. Whether it s a born trait or an acquired skill is left to the imagination of the audience but he moves on gracefully, winning few more hearts along the way.

Dream Runners are proud to have him as a part of the RMT for DRHM 17. An asset to the team, as he comes in with the strengths of a gentleman.

Prashant Sankaran – A Dream Runner. Like a zephyr he moves.