Metabolic Syndrome


Hi all of you,

As runners, each of us have a different reason as to why we took to running and interestingly , whatever the reason was for the start, ultimately it is the passion that keeps us hooked to it !! And when we understand the benefits we get out of it, I am sure the passion increases multifold.

The world is now facing a huge epidemic which is not fleeting like a flu but is something that is here to stay unless it is addressed aggressively – it is called “Metabolic Syndrome” . What was originally thought of as individual diseases – High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar – all under come one common entity which is called “Metabolic Syndrome” and has a common cause – Lifestyle – Long working hours, untimely food, stress , deadlines to meet! Unfortunately this condition can strike quite young , as early as early 20s.

Not sure how many of the inciting factors can be changed but we sure have one big leveler for all of this – Running . Running addresses all three components of Metabolic Syndrome very effectively and in as short as 3 months!

We shall discuss more about the benefits of running as we CONTINUE to run!