parthasrinivasan2What is the best exercise to do?
You should do crossfit training. I know this guy who did calisthenic training and he improved his PB by 25 minutes. Crosstraining is unimportant, if you want better timings you should just do more intervals. You should give up carbs. Without weight training you will just get more injuries.
Everyone who gets into exercise wants maximum bang for the buck..”I will spend x amount of time only and by next year I must run like Meb Keflazighi”! An approach that must be condemned. An entirely faddist approach to fitness usually either leads to injury or more commonly just quitting.
It is common knowledge that runners get into their peaks a full 7 years after they start training. So the key to improvement is not one type of exercise or one particularly hard workout, but persistence and perseverance.
When we look at it from another perspective, running is to most successful athletes, a way of life. Very easily detected when you come close to them, as all their talk centres on running and mileage and injury. Let me be clear, a successful runner is not one who finished on the podium or has a sub- x marathon time, he is a runner who persists with running to see benefits in his health and lifestyle. The more successful runner by all counts will be the injury free one who got off his diabetic medication or changed his lifestyle enough to be pointed out by everyone else as the example of a turnaround.
So dear friends, find joy in what you do, be it running or cycling or crossfit or anything else. Find enough joy in it to do it again and again. Then see how it changes your lifestyle, how you go early to bed because you don’t suffer from lack of sleep and want to wake up early to get that workout in, how you shrug off that beer at the party because of the long run tomorrow, how you cut down your calories because you know it makes you , a better you!!!
Stay fit, stay healthy……be a better you!!!