Mission Kashmir Ultra

Thank you all for your contribution – Dream Runners Foundation donated Rs.1 Lakh towards Kashmir Relief by raising funds from running community and well-wishers.


“Let’s do that Extra Mile beyond Marathons”


The disaster situation caused by the recent floods in the Kashmir valley is unprecedented. The trauma and suffering our brothers in Jammu and Kashmir are going through is alarming. There is an urgent need of men, material as well as money to fight this calamity on a war footing basis.

Dream Runners Foundation (DRF), the parent organization of Dream Runners Chennai, are planning the following:

1.       To make monetary contribution towards this cause

2.       Arrange for a door to door collection of material such as plastic sheets , tents, blankets , bed sheets , medicines etc. for further delivery to the valley.

3.       Arrange a team of volunteers who would visit the valley and assist in the relief camps .

We at Dream Runners Foundation Chennai, would like to make an earnest appeal to all our running friends to help in this cause by contributing their might in any of the above endeavors. For the purpose of receiving the contributions from fellow runners, DRF which is an 80G Income tax exempted charitable trust, has specially  set up a payment gateway  through which contributions could be made