If he’s not on a flight……he is in flight….on his two feet…….! With a travel schedule that could hold a candle to NAMO’s, Dinesh Victor manages to keep up with his training and practice to turn out stupendous runs at every event he chooses to be a part of.


Havin attempted and successfully completing his first full marathon back in 2012, he has now been a part of many marathon events. Dinesh has achieved personal bests of 4:58 for the full marathon and 2:13 for the half. He also recently breached the sub 1 hour barrier in a 10 K event.


Very well read and always informed, he can regale with a host of anecdotes and trivia on subjects ranging from world affairs to the world beyond….! An erstwhile banker, he now successfully runs his own enterprise involving his passion for teaching young kids. An important member of the DR Trust, he brings a whole lot of expertise in finance and management which helps run the trust and it’s events in a professional and diligent manner.


If you thought only the spirits got better with age……then you haven’t met the suave and classy Abbas Shabbir Lehry…..! Always impeccable whether in pinstripes for business or in running gear, he easily gives the younger lot a run for their money. His focus, energy and enthusiasm, to give the best effort whether in training or in race is infectious..


Business commitments and a hectic travel schedule not withstanding, he manages to keep up with training and long runs. He’s run quite many marathon events and his best timings are 1:59 for a half and 5:02 for a full marathon. He also cross trains with weekly stints of cycling, and more recently trekking and hill running.


Dream Runners is proud to have him as a member of the trust where he is a quiet guiding force with his background and experience.


If you had to have someone get under your skin…..and feel good about it too……it’s got to be Dr. Anand Nott……..! A renowned skin specialist in Chennai, not many know though, that he is a sports and fitness afficianado who has taken to distance running as a sport.Behind the care and compassion that comes with being a doctor, Dr. Anand is a dogged and perseverant personality who never gives up and motivates others to give out their best as well.His foray into running is as interesting as it is inspirational.


Growing up in Delhi, Dr. Anand was into sports right through his school and college days. He played volleyball, for which he trained seriously from age 11 and also took to badminton, which was a casual home sport made serious by the absorbing matches in the parking lot next to home. Cricket and basketball too found their way in. Playing sport inculcated in him the determination to persevere and desire to succeed. These very qualities helped him through his academic life as well as he worked extremely hard and succeeded in obtaining a med school seat at JIPMER in 1985. Here too, sports formed a huge part of his extracurricular, as he was involved in organizing sports meets and festivals apart from of course being involved in the action itself.


However, a sudden auto accident in 1995 caused spinal damage and all of a sudden he had to totally give on sports for fear of further damage. At this time he also decided to relocate to Chennai for a fresh start to his life in medical practice. In 2011, coaxed and cajoled by his wife Viji, he started his foray into running. Doing short distances to begin with, he found that his back started feeling much better with consistent running and training. Since then, he has relaunched his lost life in sport and fitness and is now a regular on the marathon circuit in India. In 2014, he became part of the Bessie Dreamers, chapter of Dream Runners. He finds that the great thing about Dream Runners and Bessie Dreamers is that it’s like a family with members helping one another to become better runners. By the year-end, he attempted and successfully completed his first full marathon at SCMM with a time of 4:48. His best timings for a half marathon is 2:08 and 10 k is 52 mins.


He says of his experience in running,-“I see everything in life as sports analogy. Running teaches you humility and appreciation of other peoples achievements. Since running is all about discipline (while training), patience ( when injured) perseverance ( during the long run) these are habits which in turn helps your achievements in professional and personal front.


Dr. Anand is also now using his running as a means to support charitable causes – he helped raise funds for Freedom Trust to donate 9 prosthetic legs


We at Dream Runners are very proud to have him in our midst and wish him the very best as he plays a key role organising DRHM2018 as part of the the Race Mangement Team.